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Embracing a High Raw Food Diet for Ultimate Health, Wellness and Longevity!

Adopting a Raw Food Diet

raw food diet

Imagine building a house without first laying down a solid foundation. It wouldn't be very sturdy would it? Well why would it be any different with our bodies? Most of us treat our automobiles and our homes with more care than we do the vehicle that houses us for our entire lives. If we want our bodies to hold up for the long haul then we need to begin focusing on our health. This means eating foods that are living and actually supply nutrition to the body.

Transitioning to a primarily raw foods lifestyle is becoming increasingly more popular. Why? Because it makes sense. People, in general, want to be healthier, slimmer, happier and disease free. Any type of health promoting diet, whether it be for cancer, weight loss, energy or some other physical issue or disease, encourages the increase of fresh fruits and vegetables. In a sense, you are simply going back to nature.

the raw food dietThere is nothing to purchase except what you will find at your grocery store and natural foods market or what grows in your garden. There is no sense in purchasing pills, potions or supplements expecting them to cure the problem before you lay the foundation for good health. The foundation is built on the food you put in your body. Don't let anybody tell you the nutritional foundation is not important. It is key!

The subject of nutrition is very controversial and confusing to say the least. It can be difficult for one to know what or how to eat for good health. I would like to simplify the process for you and help you to understand the basic foundation of good health and longevity.


losing weight on raw foodsIf you eat food that is living, in it's God given natural form you will be feeding your body live nutrients and enzymes. If you cook your food or eat food that has been altered through cooking or processing you are eating food that has been depleted of it's nutrition. So...the key to a living, healthy body is live food.

If your body is overweight or diseased it is because your internal environment is toxic. The toxicity is created by dead, demineralized, depleted food which rots in your intestines causing a build up of internal filth.

If you wish to restore your body to the way nature intended you to be, you must reverse the damage that has already been done through correct eating and detoxification. This is done by adopting a raw food and raw juice diet. When I say "Diet", I don't mean a temporary program to achieve a temporary gain, but rather a change in lifestyle which involves breaking your addiction to cooked and processed foods.

Socially the concept may seem overwhelming but there are more and more people transitioning every day to raw foods and you would not be alone. There are entire web communities of raw foodists and many communities offer raw food potlucks so you can meet and mingle with like minded people.

If you don't have a raw food community in your area you can start one. You would be doing your community a service and motivating those who would embark on such a journey if they had the support. To embark upon the path of raw foods you must be willing to stand out from the crowd, to be different and be willing to face not only your addictions but the addictions of others.

In my qwest for greater health one question continued to come up for me. Why does man continue to think he can out do God?

spiritual practiceWhen I talk about God I am not referring to religion. I am not religious. I am talking about Nature herself. I am talking about this divine planet we have been provided that has given man all he needs to thrive. Yet we have continued to replace the most perfect environment with the imperfections of mankind in the name of technological advancement.

We have a belief in our society that we are more advanced than the ancient ones who came before us. We have more knowledge, experience, and advanced technology. But this simply is not true. We may have put men on the moon but who is to say the ancient ones couldn't travel through thought.

We have invented sophisticated communication systems but who is to say the ancient ones couldn't communicate telepathically without effort?

We have powerful computers, but who is to say we didn't have the ability to draw the wisdom of the universe into our minds simply by tapping into it?

And we have markets full of all kinds of packaged concoctions we call food. But who is to say there is any food value in this at all?

Our food is our medicine! It gives us what we need to grow strong bodies at any age. Although physical aging happens, we don't have to get old. Getting old is a product of our current society. We rot away little by little until we can't stand, walk, talk, remember or control any of our bodily functions. Is this life?

If we truly want to live we need to eat, drink and sleep nature! Yes! Nature! This is the key! We must re-immerse ourselves into nature and learn about the foods she provides for the optimal functioning of our bodies, minds and spirits.

Returning to nature is returning to the arms of our beloved creator. It is allowing ourselves to be nurtured and cared for by the life force energy pulsating around us. It is unplugging from the techno-beaurocratic world on a daily basis and return to our origins. We do this through our food, our thoughts and our prayers.

Nature provides our food and man destroys it! Man creates "food based products" for our consumption and these products break down the functioning of our bodies. Man does this for a profit with no true concern for our health or well being. We foolishly buy into the program in a mass conscious reaction and consume, consume, consume! We are surrounded by programs on our television, computer, print advertising and retail outlets. Our social gatherings are centered on processed foods.

So if we are to truly survive and make it past the upcoming global transition, we must return to the arms of our Mother, Nature. We must unplug from the mass programming that convinces us that the false foods and pharmaceutical substances made to treat our ailments created by the false food, are good for us.

We must wake up from the dream and see the truth!

We are what we eat!

eating raw foodWhen we make a commitment to return to the earth and eat from the earth in its true, organic, raw form, we make a commitment to turn our back on the systems that threaten to destroy humanity. We no longer support the health destroying substances produced for profit to dumb us down and separate us from our source. The fewer people who support these structures, the more difficult it is for these structures to stand.

When we make this commitment to return to the earth we also make a powerful commitment in our own spiritual and personal growth. We cannot turn our backs on mainstream without changing who we are. But this is a powerful change! As we embrace this change we shed our false skins and dawn new ones. We shed our false bodies and build new ones that support our health and wellness.

We must find the strength and courage to face our additions to cooked and processed foods. We must find the strength and courage to be forerunners in our social circles, setting an example for others and not be attached to their response. You may find yourself being judged for your way of eating or being in the world. This is a result of projection. Others will project upon you their fear and disgust at their own lifestyle that is hurting them.

But many will follow your example. They will try some of your raw food creations or make decisions to just have a green salad, or apple for a meal rather than the cheeseburger, fries and coke.

You are an example not by what you say, but by what you do, how you look, feel and behave. If you are youthful, vibrant, healthy and full of vitality others will be curious as to what your secret is. When one asks you your secrets they are willing and ready to listen to you share your wisdom and experience. Lead by example!

Mankind can be very ignorant and blindly obedient. We are conditioned to be robots; to follow without question. This conditioning is marching us right to our graves and many of us have never truly lived!

RawkmyWorld.com was created to share inspiration, as well as the knowledge I have accumulated in my journey to greater health, wellness and spiritual enlightenment. This is not only a raw food website but addresses the whole mind, body and spirit. Eating well is one aspect of our health and wholeness. We must also address our connection to the earth, our spirituality, our addictions and our mental programming.

It is also my goal to established communities based on coming together to purchase land, do organic gardening and healing in a natural environment. Unplugging is much easier when you have a strong support group.

So if you are ready for a change, buckle up and lets get started. You don't have to start full on a 100% raw food diet. But please read and educate yourself so that you can start making healthier choices today.

Start making raw and whole food choices today and return to Nature!


Raw Food Enthusiast!



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